We were recently elaborating on the merits of an understated wedding and where to have it in Austria (see our blog post on Top 5 wedding locations in Austria) and quickly realized, there is more where that came from. If you, dear reader, connoisseur of the unconventional wedding, sassy bride, and nonchalant groom, are so inclined, please read on and indulge in some of our favorite partners in the Austrian wedding business.  

Things to do: The fleeting love of art

Young&Smitten is who they are, and smitten we are. Hands down the coolest thing to do we have witnessed at a wedding was this temporary tattoo station by Young & Smitten: with love-themed and other handsome designs, a stylish retro outfit and (candy) pain killers, they were super fun and entertained not only the kids but grandma, too (maybe even the photographers).

belle&sass_temporary tattoos for wedding-1.jpg
belle&sass_temporary tattoos for wedding-3.jpg
belle&sass_temporary tattoos for wedding-5.jpg
belle&sass_temporary tattoos for wedding-6.jpg

More things to do: less fleeting, more permanent 

If you are looking to entertain your guests and get something out of it yourself at the end, we gladly point you in the direction of Nicola Gold's Wortfachgeschäft. Nicola and her gorgeous Remington typewriter will add vintage flair and poetry to your party. Guests are encouraged to think of keywords which Nicola will translate into impromptu poetry. The verses are typed right there and then - in an entirely analog process, of course. These unique cards will either make it as notes for the couple in a stylish scrap book, or can also be intended as individual give-aways with personalised poems.

typewriter poetry

Preaching wine, naturally

To drink responsibly does not stop at the amounts you expect to be gulping down on your wedding day. When it comes to wine, as with all edible items, it starts with production before consumption. So-called natural wines, simply put, produce wine the way it used to be done. Farmed organically, these wines contain as little if any additives and - speaking of experience - give you less of a headache (which frankly, is a point of consideration) and more importantly, an exciting experience in taste. Now, where shall you find it? We trust vino nudo, a classy and well-informed wine trade in Vienna, offering a selection of the finest natural wines from Austria, Italy, Slovenia, and Spain at reasonable prices, too. Friday nights they offer wine tastings for curious minds out there!

natural wine
vino nudo vienna

The other taco truck: Hot Dogs made in Austria

There comes a point at every party when what you really need is a savory snack. We think Hildegard Wurst is your best and most original bet on that. Their hot dogs come with a variety of garnishes and seasonings and all of them are available as tofu dogs as well. Besides, they arrive at your party in a stylish truck.


Taking your mind off: A planner extraordinaire

You might think that planning an understated wedding and a wedding planner do not go together, but think again. Your wedding is about you: your style, your ideas, and your special day. If you do not have a lot of time on your hands nor a lot of friends volunteering to do all the amazing DIY work for you you have pined for on Pinterest, you might want to consider getting some help. Have no fear, we have the right person for you. Maryam from yamyam event production puts together Austria's most creative events and weddings with style, a bed in a cornfield included, if fancied. Get a taste of it below.

belle&sass_yamyam_cornfield wedding_understated_wedding-4.jpg
belle&sass_yamyam_cornfield wedding_understated_wedding-1.jpg
belle&sass_yamyam_cornfield wedding_understated_wedding-2.jpg
belle&sass_yamyam_cornfield wedding_understated_wedding-3.jpg