Hello friends and fans of the understated, natural way of life, living, and celebrating! Evidently, you and we have something in common otherwise you had never found your way through the world wide web and arrived at our site. We pride ourselves in being (wedding) photographers for real people. We want you to be who you are - as that is difficult enough in itself. This is where stories unfold. And we will be there to capture you as you are at your most joyous and most vulnerable, so you will have something after these brief moments of this day have passed. 

Austria is our home turf. This is where we live and shoot most of our weddings, so if you are looking to plan an understated wedding in Austria, we let you in on a little first-hand knowledge acquired over the years. Of course, vision comes first. The look and feel of a party comes very much with the location you will spend your day at. Now, Austria has more to offer than castles and palaces which might come to mind at first. If you are looking for something a little different, go ahead and sample some of our favorites.

Outside City and wedding limits: Stadtflucht Bergmühle

While not the best kept secret anymore for an understated wedding, Stadtflucht Bergmühle is still a favorite. Less than an hour's drive from Austria's capital Vienna, this venue has everything unconventional brides and grooms may desire: a pink ping pong table for casual afternoon entertainment, a pond with pedal boats for romantic outings, an all-organic catering service, and last but certainly not least: Wallachian sheep.

Understated yet imperial: Landtmann's Jausentation at Schönbrunn Gardens

If you cannot resist the imperial temptation (we won't blame you), we have an idea. As an understated wedding location nestled into the gardens of Palace Schönbrunn in Vienna, we recommend Landtmann's Jausentation. When entering the glorious park you may not even see the casually named "snack-bar" at first as it is hidden in the maze-like garden. But once you have found your way, you will enter a charming restaurant garden with an adjacent wedding venue. Imperial, but not so imperial.


You say Minor and I say Manor: Party at Villa Langer at Lake Attersee

Gorgeous Attersee in Upper Austria, a lake adored by many - including Gustav Klimt -, still charms today with its turquoise-blue color, a stunning mountain range and turn-of-the century villas. Villa Langer is a family-owned manor in it's 5th generation and hosts the occasional wedding or culinary event. With the lake just across the street, its private beach is bound to turn into a late night skinny dipping venture. 

rural yet Majestic: Villa Maund in Bregenz Forest

Bregenzerwald in Vorarlberg, the very west of Austria, has impressed us not only with stunning views of dramatic alps but very unique architecture. You will find a number of traditional houses covered with tiny wooden shingles combined with modern wood and glass structures. Our heart was won over by Villa Maund, however, a gorgeous hunting mansion in the woods peeking out onto steep mountains.


Hidden in the woods: Gut Brunntal

If you do not mind the occasional hunting trophy but yearn for an intimate wedding location in the mountains, we may have just the right spot for you. Gut Brunntal in Lower Austria is a secluded yet easy-to-get-to estate with a small guesthouse. With a pond hosting a small deck it is a perfect spot for an intimate wedding party.

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