Wedding season is in full bloom again in Central Europe, yet I am catching up with last year's beautiful October wedding. Look at the gorgeous sky and the vibrant colors of fall! Each season, I cannot quite make up my mind which really is my favorite season because once each one of them rolls around, I am enchanted by its unique qualities. Lisa from blumengestalten picked a number of my personal favorite flowers for the beautiful floral decoration which ennobled this relaxed yet classy vineyard wedding overlooking Vienna. Weingut Reisenberg is a special location within Vienna's city limits, nestled into vineyards and affording a beautiful view onto Austria's capital. Anna and Robert picked just the right mix to have a wedding that both suits their easy-going lifestyle and catered to their international wedding guests. Please see below.

belle&sass_blumengestalten_herbst anstecker.jpg
belle&sass_Hochzeit über Wien.jpg
belle&sass_Johanna Bauer Eheringe.jpg
belle&sass_Hochzeit am Reisenberg.jpg
belle&sass_Vienna Wedding_Weingut am Reisenberg.jpg

Location: Weingut am Reisenberg

Bridal Dress: Noni

Grooms Outfit: Paul Vienna

Flowers: Blumengestalten

Make-up: Vicky Lash

Wedding bands: Johanna Bauer