It's Belle here. Today, we proudly share with you the intimate wedding of my little sister. My little sister from another mother. Our father passed away way too early and way too young, I was only 10 and Katrin was still a toddler. While I still hold on to fond memories of our dad Katrin tragically has no memory at all. In the ten years that I had a dad, I experienced a whole range with him from love, trust, disappointment, and a loss in both life and death. Things with my dad’s new family were not always easy for me. Katrin and I ended up growing into the adults that we are today without knowing each other that well. Now I can see that we missed out on growing up as sisters, but at the time things were complicated and I couldn’t handle it differently. 

I remember the day my Dad told me that he was going to have another baby. He did not do it in the most elegant way, let me tell you. We visited friends in Burgenland and saw a stork. It prompted him to say how the saying goes that the stork brings the babies and so on. I still think he expected me to be excited about the whole thing. While, to tell the truth, I was more like WTF? Sorry, Katrin. You know I love you. Again, things were turbulent and not easy and the baby bump sure did not help it. 

Not every story in real life has a happy end but I can say that in our case things did take a great turn. Katrin and I have found one another as adults and this time I am going to hold on to her. It is a lot of fun discovering similar traits in our personalities… we are stressed out by similar things. We both get hangry from one moment to the next. I enjoy hanging out with her and quite frankly, she is one of the sweetest people I know. Something that Markus simply got right away when he met her ;) After dating for some years and moving houses 100 times, they decided to tie the knot and shortly after found out that they were pregnant. We are both grateful to have them in our lives. 

We were there to document and to celebrate their wedding ceremony at gorgeous Arche Noah Schiltern with friends and family.

Markus & Katrin and little Noah - We love you!

Location: Arche Noah Schiltern

Bridal Dress: Lucy

Groom’s Shirt: Atelier Voglhuber

Wedding Bands: Fritz Maierhofer

Music: Pique AKSTK

Catering: Freund von salzig