You guys. Just what a party... Both Lisa and Camilla are blessed with creative and energetic backgrounds and boy did they ever... throw a party. Footloose and fancy free, a fun filled extravaganza with live music and singing, dancing, that involved self-choreographed surprise performances and last but not least, a personal favorite: a temporary tattoo studio with fanciful design by Young&Smitten (credits below). It rained like there was no tomorrow and it could have not matched the atmosphere any better. Even the sky burst with energy! Stadtflucht Bergmühle was a wonderful host for this gorgeous wedding with top coolness factor points. Thanks for inviting us into your circles. A match made in... well, who needs heaven with friends like these?

Coole Hochzeitsidee

Location: Stadtflucht Bergmühle

Flowers: Gärtnerei Ziegler

Bridal Dresses: elfenkleid

Wedding bands: Johanna Bauer Schmuckdesign

Live Music: Schmusechor und Großmütterchen Hatz&Klok

Temporary Tattoo Studio: Young&Smitten