It's funny how sometimes we don't think of the obvious... At a wedding, we are often so occupied with the procedures, the ceremony, the details being perfect and people being entertained etc that it is easy to overlook why we are here. And of course there are reminders of love and the desire for eternal happiness and all that but do we actually take the time to look at the basis of what brings two people together? Friendship. It may sound a bit anti climatic in the light of all the fluff around weddings but isn't this one of the most fundamental connections we experience? True friendship, partnership, and love are what make our connections so very unique. So much so that you want to go out there and tell it to the world. Love wins, my friends. Sometimes slogans aren't so terrible. 

Location: Weingartenhotel Harkamp

Grooms Attire: ACNE (beige suit) and Drykorn (mint suit)

Shirts: COS 

Shoes: Hudson and House of Hounds

Bowties: Emy Uhlig

Suspenders: Hosenträgerwelt

Rings: Michaela Arl de Lima

Flowers: Elke Kamaritsch


We are very proud that this wedding is featured in prestigious Hochzeitswahn's print magazine