Hi, it’s Belle here. Not to be a downer or anything, but I am sure you all know that feeling of life just not jibing with you. Nor your tribe. One of our little people is having some serious trouble with the world around him and it is tough to not be pre-occupied with it. Being an autistic kid does not help to cope with structures and dynamics that have able neurotypical people in mind. There is a lot of draining energy going in to just keeping your head above the water and that includes also the network of engaged adults around him as well. So, yes, things feel blurry at times and I am very much consumed by trying to solve the issue and get things back on track.

Back in summer we did a shoot. Just for us. To be honest, this rarely happens and we always talk about how we should do these kind of personal shoots more often. But you know. Life and little people get in the way.

With this series we wanted to celebrate the beauty of what can easily be interpreted as imperfection. The blurry, messy somethings that defy the rules of geometry and structure. Bent out of shape, being out of place. It seems so fitting today to finally put these images up on the blog.

Thank you, Sara Bzoch, for understanding what we were looking for and syncing so beautifully with this location, which is no longer. Not in this state, however.

These images were shot both digitally and on film.

Model: Sarah Bzoch // Body & Soul

Make Up: Gilbird

Film: Carmencita Lab