Sofie & Eric. A match made in heaven. Both are full of energy, joy and love, the kind of couple we love to work with.

And yet something about this wedding was not typical. Typically we hang out (be it in real life or a Whats App call) with soon to be married couples before their big day. We have not met Sofie and Eric until they were walking down the aisle arm in arm of Weingut Zimmermann to celebrate their wedding. It made me feel nervous to be honest. We love to get a feel for our couples, to chat and to laugh with them, so we when we meet at the wedding day we are like old friends. Going there knowing nothing but the couples names made me feel uneasy. Now I know we can be close without chatting and joking over coffee before and still feel that connection. That connection is a crucial part in creating real and touching imagery. I believe that you have to let us in to make it possible for us to "get" you. And those two let us in, they invited us into their life for this very afternoon. 

Probably the most beautiful thing said about our photos was that they brought tears to the eyes of a complete stranger when he looked at them. Crazy, right? I mean, how is that even possible. It sounds awfully romantic. Like too much. A part in me wants to roll my eyes and say 'yeah, of course!' But on the other hand... that's the best thing I ever heard. 

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