Hardcore Love, people, hardcore love. That's about the only thing a debate on marriage should be about. Quite easily, if two mature and equal people want to get married, they very well should if they so choose. We are so thrilled that Austria's constitutional court today ruled same-sex marriage legal and what's more, previous laws discriminatory. What a step! In times like these were our political landscape in Europe and the U.S. is further and further removed from liberal and tolerant mind-sets, this is just such an exciting and frankly unexpected glimmer of hope. Not all is lost, friends. Bring on 2019!

Oh, and if you are on the verge of proposing... same-sex couples get a jubilant 20,19% discount on all of our packages if booked by the end of 2017. That's how thrilled we are. Make it about hardcore love and we will, too. Here is a peek into Doris & Lisa's wedding in Vienna this summer.


Ehe für alle in Österreich
same-sex wedding Austria
Verpartnerung in Wien
Homo-Ehe in Österreich