Subtitle: When Rita met Claudia. We all know how the story goes: they were friends forever and then... Boom! Big shining explosive unbearable bursting passionate love. Like that. They had finally found each other - or have they finally seen each other? At their wedding Claudia sang for Rita "You're just too good to be true." Except, she is. And they are. They are real and true and they are together and had a blasting wedding to celebrate themselves. I cannot wait for the shenanigans these two will be up to in the future. And I hope, we can be part of it. 

Dress: Kaviar Gauche Shoes: Tabitha Simmons

Suit: Yves Saint Laurent Shirt: Gino Venturini

Location (Catering and Flowers): Zimmermann's Wirtshaus 

Bridal Bouquet: Blumen Kolb

Cake: Chocolaterie Fruth

Rings: 24k Yonatan Ashur Tel Aviv

Papeterie: Stephanie Lackner

Hair and Make-up: Wolfgang Lindenhofer

Hair Dresser: Wolfgang Steinbauer/Propaganda Haare

Music: Fats Jazz Band

Photo booth: Fotoautomat 

Typewriter Poetry: Wortfachgeschäft