We never stop being amazed. You have never seen it all. Claudia and Alex, for example. They told us about who they are and what their thoughts were about getting married. They wanted it to be just the two of them. Because getting married to them is as personal as their relationship. It is one another that they turn to when things are tough and it is in one another where they find strength and solace and cheer. And you can feel it.

They chose to elope to nearby Rust at Lake Neusiedl and treat themselves to a fantastic getaway at Taubenkobel and while at it: walk to the local register office to tie the knot.

It has been an extraordinary honor to partake in this special day, a truly unforgettable experience of love, intimacy, and true partnership. If only a glimpse of that is captured, then we have succeeded as photographers. 

Location: Chateaux Relais Taubenkobel

Make-Up: Julia Hrdina

Flowers: Doll's

Film Lab: Cyberlab

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