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Things you might wonder about

Where are you?

We are based in Vienna, Austria but travel very well. We only charge travel costs and accommodation if applicable, no general time compensation.

Do you limit the amount of images you edit?

No, there is no limit to the amount of photos (though we sort out pictures of people with
their eyes closed and such). Each photograph is hand picked and processed by one of us and
made available to view online. 

Do you also offer photo albums?

Yes. We love giving our photographs a good home.

Great. When will we get to see our photographs?

Usually within two to four weeks.

Out of curiosity: do you also shoot on film?

Glad you asked. We work with digital cameras but have a gorgeous medium format film camera that we like to pull out every once in a while. Would you like to try it?

While we are at it: do you also offer videography?

Why, yes, we do! We offer to both shoot and film your wedding. Since we are well-oiled machine as a team, we perfectly know when to be where to capture different things and yet have a matching look for both products.

How do you feel about friends and family photographing as well?

Can't blame them. But during the ceremony we'd like to ask everyone to just lean back and be in the moment while we take care of capturing it.

Got it. Do we get the image rights to make prints for our families and friends?

Yes, you automatically purchase the rights for private use.

Seriously now, what do you charge?

Packages start at € 2.600. Let's talk about what you need!

And how can we book you?

Let's hang out, have a coffee, and chat about your day. We require 50% of the payment in advance and your day is solidly booked!

Interested in more?

Here are the  General terms of photography. They are in German as they apply to Austrian Law. If your have questions about them feel free to ask us!