This is our new home. And we share.

By the end of last year we moved into a new space that hosts both our offices as well as our photo studio. We have a dazzling 80m2 to work with and to work in. A group of 5 creatives of all different trades, we shoot, talk, build, saw, cut, glue, and discuss within these walls. On occasion, one might even roll out their yoga mat, well... because we can.

Now, we are not here to brag. We are here to share. If any of you creative souls need the occasional studio space to realize a project, we are here for you, fairly central in Vienna's 5th district (conveniently next to one of our favorite cafes Tanzen Anders). We offer photo backdrops, two workstations for crafty projects, space to hold workshops for up to 10 people, or simply an empty room to meditate in. Please find our competitive rates below.

Rental Rates

1 h - EUR 29,-
3 h - EUR 79,-
5 h - EUR 129,-
Full Day (12h)  - EUR 299,-

Overtime EUR 35,- / hour

e-mail us at