There is a demand for perfection for ones own wedding which so easily invites disappointment into your life. It takes a profound trust in life to let things be and allow for the beauty to happen that you simply cannot control. Unpredictable encounters, unexpected kindness of strangers, or mishaps that turn out to be gifts of amusement. And then sometimes, anticipations and awe can come together to something you had not even imagined. All of which came true at this wedding held in the California desert.

Planning a destination wedding is often fueled by images, ideas, and memories of past trips. It will give you an experience of things envisioned, planned and overlooked, of unforeseen difficulties, and of a community coming together possibly against some odds. It is a human experience. And while from the outside the stylish wedding we share today seems simply stunning per its breathtaking location amongst Joshua Trees sticking out in the golden desert like guardians from another planet, and a well-instructed wedding party happily obliging to a black and gold aesthetic, what is truly memorable and will stick forever is the human experience of laughs uncontrolled, smiles shining brighter than the California sun, and words of love and mutual appreciation exchanged. Wedding Photography is a mere vessel to keep this experience vivid.

The photographs of this wedding documentary are proudly featured in print in issue 13 of renowned Together Journal. We also filmed this destination wedding but respect the privacy of our clients to keep their wedding trailer private per their request.

Getting Ready and Reception: The Ace Suite,Palm Springs

Ceremony Location: Cap Rock Joshua Tree

Wedding Arch: @Loveshapes

Bridal Dress: Anna Kara from Feinstens

Groom’s attire: Suit by Herr von Eden

Make-up: Samantha Bishop of Bobbi Brown

Hair: Done by the Groom

Rings: Anna