We have really taken to hibernation this holiday season. Hibernation in the good sense. Retreating, reflecting, even detoxing for crying out loud! Just a little bit of shutting off the outside and turning inside. If there were such a thing as a New Year's Resolution to be taken seriously, I think I would have to say that in 2016, I want to take my work on a more uncompromising level. Listen to myself and my creative instincts. The work we provide is an artistic contribution to other people lives. This matters. Art, thought, social criticism, humanity, love, tangible living - it matters. I don't think I am alone with my over-saturation of gimmicks, online quick-fixes, screentime 24/7, and the immediate satisfaction of our sudden "desires" courtesy of the internet. I want to focus my energy to give my work and myself everything. I want to slow down and think. Read a book rather than facebook streams. Develop some film and enjoy the pain of impatience until the images appear on the paper. Listen to music and dive into the magic of a live performance. And with a little luck, we will catch more moments like we did on New Year's, when we casually hung out with the world-famous Vienna Philharmonics as they were fiddling along in the hallway right before their New Year's Concert, teasing each other, playing, and - I have to say it - (st)ringing in the new year.

Wiener Philharmoniker