Thailand offers everything our little hearts desire: from endless food and flower markets to Thai massage on every corner, the photo opportunities seem abundant. On our trip, we explored the city, the country side, and the beaches and it's hard to pick a favourite. 

Bangkok, love it or hate it, but the markets themselves are worth the trip. Starting with food carts everywhere serving one temptation after another an absolute must on our travel tip list is the flower market. On our search for a bridal bouquet for our Styled Shoot we visited the 24 hour Flower Market (yes, you read that right: 24 hour market) to find the lotus flowers we had envisioned.

Amongst the things we absolutely love, food probably ranks right up there with photography. In case we have not made this abundantly clear, you might just guess so from our travel photography. In short: We ate our way through Thailand. And here are the pictures to proof it. 

When you are in Thailand be sure to have enough time to visit Chiang Mai. You might feel like saving all your days for beach adventures but we feel you could easily spend a week or even more in Chiang Mai. 

It is a beautiful relaxed place and there is lots to do. Like eating out at a night market of course. You could also take cooking classes (we recommend skipping breakfast for this one) or doing a bike ride outside of town. After all that work you definitely do deserve a thai massage. Chiang Mai is tranquil and offers plenty opportunities to enjoy and treat yourself. 

A Thailand trip without some beach time just doesn't seem complete. And why should you skimp on that one? With some luck you can still find those empty dreamy beaches we thought only exist in Bacardi commercials. And, don't mind us saying that, the seafood is outstanding!