If you are a local of Vienna you probably know designer Pia Mia. And if you don't yet, be sure to visit their store. Susanne and Andreas are two lovely and talented people. Susanne specialises in hand crafted clothing. Wedding dresses are made to order as well as ready made. The studio is integrated in the shop and you will have the joy of being able to watch the designer at work and choose from a variety of beautiful fabrics. If you are looking for a unique dress and experience be sure to go there. 

We have been wanting to do a shoot with one of her pieces for a while and finally got the chance to play around with one.

Hochzeitsfotos Wien belle sass

The dress we chose is made of beautiful off white silk and lace combined with playful dotted tulle. 

Loving contrasts and playful metaphors, we figured a wonderful place to make this dress shine would be... a Thai Boxing School. In no other place than Bangkok. Because after all, one night in Bangkok and the world's your oyster (I am sorry, I couldn't resist).

The bouquet had to be made of Lotus flowers. They symbolise fortune and purification, hence they are offered to Buddha in the temples. To find those we explored Bangkok's largest flower market were you can find an endless supply of flowers. For our travel pictures of the blossoming 24 hour market filling the streets with buckets of flowers visit our blog post on Thailand.

Be sure to come back if you enjoy travel photos, we have a post about the rest of our Thailand trip lined up.