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things we do

Belle & Sass are two photographers who set out to capture beautiful and fresh images. We have both been shooting weddings as individual wedding photographers but we think it’s better to work together as a team. Just like you. Two is better than one. As a team we get to support each other’s vision, assist each other, and consider more angles than our own. Our most important goal when photographing a bridal couple is to let you be you. Which allows us in turn to be… us. We believe that if people approach each other with an open mind their hearts will open. That is the kind of connection we are looking for and these are the kind of pictures we want to take: Open, honest, and playful photographs that will be there after your wedding day has raced by you.

After some exploring, we now offer videography as well. We love the layers of depth of story telling and portraiture in moving images, particularly with the magic of sound added. We are proud to say that we can match our style in both still and moving images.

Belle's full name is Isabelle but she mostly goes by Isa. She loves to fix stuff and to create beautiful things of all kinds. If time allows you can find her sewing at her beloved industrial sewing machine - the one that smells like machine oil. She actually ran her own kid's collection a few years back.

Sass does not only stem from Saskia, Natascha's middle name, but even more so from Natascha's sassy personality. It propels her to always look for an edge in her photography - and communication (but you know that if you know her).

Things we love

Books. Belle thinks it's prettier to sort them by color - Sass kinda agrees.

Bicycles. Sass restored three vintage Peugeot bicycles herself - and named them too, but that's a different story.

Coffee. Belle & Sass love Italian Espresso and French cookies more than they probably should.

Organic Food. Belle & Sass also really love to eat and are slaves to their local produce box which more often than not introduces them to vegetables they had never even heard of, let alone cooked with.

things we did

Belle has lived in rural South Africa and knows how to drive a car off-roads really well (her love for fixing things probably stems from that time).

Sass has lived in Los Angeles and knows how to keep her calm while being stuck in traffic (her love for bicycles definitely stems from that time).